CASHMAN | Preload Cryogenics (CPC), part of the Preload International family of companies, has been pioneering the research, development, design, and construction of prestressed, precast, sliding base concrete tanks for over half a century. Since 1952, Preload has designed and constructed more than two-dozen low temperature and cryogenic storage tanks and many more dike walls for the storage of LNG, LPG, LOX, and Ammonia, Preload has been recognized as the forerunner in the engineering and construction of circular prestressed concrete structures.
Many of the storage challenges our customers present to us today are challenges we have conquered throughout our many years in business. Preload first developed the technology/methodology and is the only company to have successfully designed and constructed prestressed concrete tanks for use as primary containment
Interest and investment in cryogenic tanks have been increasing in the past decade. As energy prices rise, the need for safe, reliable storage is increasing. CPC’s prestressed concrete tanks provide the durability, flexibility, and safety to store today’s refrigerated and cryogenic liquids, such as LNG, liquid oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas, ethylene, ammonia, and other natural gas liquids (NGLs), for a wide range of storage volumes— from 5,000 to 300,000 cubic meters (m3).

Composite Concrete Cryogenic Walls

Why Choose CPC?

Precast, Prestressed Concrete Tank Installations for Cryogenic Liquid Storage:

Location Year Built Original Owner Size m3 Product Storage Type
Nantes, France 1965 Gas de France 2,000 LNG MEMBRANE
Barcelona, Spain 1968 Esso Research (ENAGAS) 2 x 40,000 LNG SINGLE
South Yarmouth, MA, USA 1973 Buzzard's Bay Gas Co. 8,700 LNG MEMBRANE
Philadelphia, PA, USA 1974 Philadelphia Gas Works 2 x 94,000 LNG DOUBLE
Staten Island, NY, USA 1974 Distrigas 2 x 143,000 LNG FULL
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1975 Greater Winnipeg Gas 40,000 LPG SINGLE
Cumberland, RI, USA 1975 Valley Gas Co. 4,000 LNG MEMBRANE
Barcelona, Spain 1980 ENAGAS 80,000 LNG FULL
Steelton, PA, USA 2016 UGI 7,500 LNG FULL (outer wall only)
Fairbanks, AK, USA 2019 Fairbanks Natural Gas (FNG) 20,000 LNG FULL
Bethlehem, PA, USA 2020 UGI 7,500 LNG FULL (outer wall only)