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Preload Middle East’s tank solutions address the need for high-quality water storage internationally along with emerging thermal energy storage (TES) technology that has resulted from efforts to focus on energy-efficient and environmentally responsible solutions. TES has become a widely sought means for cutting energy costs for big commercial and industrial facilities. Many of the storage challenges our customers present to us today are challenges we have met throughout our many years in business. Economic growth, infrastructure expansion, and a high demand for centralized cooling are increasing the need for high-quality water storage internationally. Recognizing this opportunity, Preload Middle East, part of the Preload International family of firms, has become involved in several large-scale water storage projects in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Depending on the storage need, a Preload tank can be built to various height-to-diameter ratios, with flat or dome roofs, or open top, with or without aluminum geodesic domes. Preload can also incorporate the necessary conical floors and mixing equipment utilized for the treatment of biofuels.

From potable water to wastewater and TES to industrial applications including the storage of liquids at cryogenic temperatures, you can rely on Preload’s engineering and construction expertise to develop the perfect solution for your storage challenge.

Preload Middle East's Tank Solutions

Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

In line with Preload's tradition of designing and building reliable and maintenance-free prestressed concrete tanks, thermal energy storage (TES) tanks can serve as a vital component in highly efficient cooling systems. Preload’s insulated storage tanks provide universities, hospitals, and government facilities the capability to realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on energy costs and increase sustainability and overall efficiency.

The TES Concept

Thermal energy, in the form of chilled water, is produced during periods of off-peak energy rates, and stored for use during high-demand /high-cost periods. Diffusers provide for turbulence-free flows, creating a sharp transition layer, or thermocline, thus allowing for the natural stratification of the warm water (top) and chilled water (bottom) layers within the tank. Warm and chilled water enters and exits through the top and bottom of the tank through an internal diffuser piping system.

How TES Is Used

One effective method for TES systems is a full charge and discharge cycle daily. BACKUP PROTECTION – In cases where heat sensitive/critical equipment are involved additional TES may be designed to maintain charge over longer periods of time and can discharge quickly.