Welcome to Preload International Responsible Liquid Storage Technology

PRELOAD and its partners have project experience in over 30 countries around the world, giving us broad experience in worldwide procurement procedures, import/export regulations, foreign exchange/practice, and labor and market conditions.

We are an owner-managed, highly innovative company concentrating our efforts in engineering and constructing circular prestressed concrete containers and process tanks for liquid and dry materials and the associated piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation systems.

Visit affiliated Preload Cryogenics and Preload Middle East to learn more about how we can help develop the perfect solution for your storage challenge.

Preload has successfully designed and constructed tanks for storage of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other cryogenic liquids (e.g., LOX, LPG, etc.).

The pioneers of prestressed concrete tank design. Wire-wound, prestressed concrete tanks are the ideal storage solution for water, storm water, wastewater treatment, biofuels and thermal energy storage. Preload Middle East designs and constructs tanks for large- and small-scale storage tanks outside of the US and is based in Boston, MA USA and Doha, Qatar.


Since the mid-1930s, PRELOAD has been recognized as the forerunner in the engineering and construction of circular prestressed concrete structures. PRELOAD has designed and constructed more than 3,600 prestressed concrete tanks worldwide in its 85-year history.

Engineering & Design

An integrated approach of design, engineering and supervision is essential to control risk, maintain a safe facility, and ensure longevity. Preload’s consultants and engineers produce economical designs that meet the highest international quality standards and safety regulations. PRELOAD is organized to provide a full range of engineering services including structural analyses, feasibility studies, and cost evaluations.


With our highly experienced staff of project managers, construction superintendents, field engineers and craft supervisors, PRELOAD will take complete responsibility for all phases of construction.


To bring our clients the best services and products, PRELOAD`s delivery methods include traditional construction along with design-build or design-bid-build construction. By combining the design and build or construction functions, PRELOAD makes it possible for our clients to place facilities in service with minimal delay. Design-build brings value engineering into the design process at the onset of a project. Preload has experience with design-build methods where the contractor, engineers and specialty trade contractors can propose best-value solutions for various construction elements before the facility design is complete. Bringing all members of a project team together early in the process to identify and address issues of cost, schedule and constructability has been proven to be a useful way to avoid surprise issues later, and to incorporate innovative ideas early on. Many clients perceive the design-build method saves time and money for them, while providing the opportunity to achieve innovation in the delivered facility.


Our engineering and construction projects have taken us to 36 nations on a broad range of projects. This work has given PRELOAD broad experience in worldwide procurement procedures, import-export regulations, and foreign exchange problems.


A partial listing of projects handled by PRELOAD'S staff includes site planning and environmental studies, heat transfer and thermal analyses, seismic analyses, equipment development for circumferential prestressing of nuclear containment structures and large capacity offshore containers for liquefied natural gas. Test facilities for equipment development and investigation of other research problems are available.

Featured Projects